Hi everyone.. i wanna sell my AADBSK SET (1,2,3) SPECIAL PRICE!! 150USD for all exclude Shipping fee(+Paypal FEE) from indonesia.. Complete Boxes!!

email me :yundo24@hotmail.com

hello everyone, i've decided to sell some of my ft island stuff as you can see in the picture. all prices are negotiable. more items are coming soon. please email me at watashiwagdesu@gmail.com for more details and price. paypal and western union accepted. i ship worldwide. thank you!

here's all the stuff available (some are not in the picture, just ask me for real photos):
- Cheerful Sensibility (with a tiny hole on the jacket cover) USD 70 VERY RARE
- Cheerful Sensibility USD 75 VERY RARE
- The Refreshment USD 75 VERY RARE
- Beautiful (Regular Version without photocard) USD 10
- So Long Au Revoir USD 35
- Best Recommendation for Japan USD 35
- Distance Limited Edition Version A (CD+DVD) USD 17
- Top Secret Lawson Limited Edition USD 40 VERY RARE
- So Today Limited Edition Version B with Seunghyun figurine USD 40 RARE
- Jump Up with Hongki cardboard USD 35 RARE
- The One USD 35
- I Believe Myself (CD Only) USD 45 RARE
- Men's Stories Concert DVD (Korean Version) QYOP
- FTISLAND MBC Collection (Korean Version) USD 50 VERY RARE
- Five Treasure Island Limited Edition Version A (CD+DVD Taiwan Version) USD 15
- Flower Rock Taiwan Deluxe Edition USD 12
- Raining VERY RARE USD 70
- Official photocard Minhwan So long au revoir USD 10 (BOOKED)
- Official photocard Jaejin So long au revoir USD 10 (BOOKED)
- Official photocard Minhwan Best recommendation for Japan USD 10



I am selling all these items:
ALSO: selling a rare mousepad that usually comes with TVXQ - Tree CD+DVD, never used, in original packaging, price 12USD only!
All the prices are cut already but if you have another price in mind so not hesitate to comment. I am shipping from Europe worldwide, you have to pay the shipping (not that expensive). The shipping depends on the weight of the items and starts at 10USD for registered shipping - thus is you want to buy something that is not heavy you should ask around if there is someone who wants to buy something from me as well and buy together, then split the shipping costs. I can ship without tracking number but the price difference is not that much and I will not refund you if the item get lost.
Also, payment must be done via paypal only so don´t ask for items if you don´t already have paypal account! I can send you photos if you are seriously interested in something!

Searching JYJ photobook


I want to know if someone is interested in selling or knows who is selling
the Mahalo photobook with DVD


WTS TVXQ items

I am selling some of my DBSK collections, email me at dhecassie@gmail.com if you are interested

  • EROYJ Photobook "EROTIC" & DVD

  • 東方神起 Bigeast FANCLUB EVENT 2012 "THE MISSION" DVD

  • 東方神起 Bigeast 2013 Calendar

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Sep. 6th, 2014

Shipping from Germany and shipping worldwide
Discount when you buy more than one item
All items are in an excellent condition
Just ask for more pictures if you are interested and are serious about buying
Open to offers as long as they are reasonable

  • Taeyang's Solar International CD+DVD (Out of Print) 40€

  • B2ST's Bodyart DVD with Photocards (Out of Print) 40€


Photocards: 10€ each

  • Yang Yoseob's the First Collage

  • B2ST's Good Luck - Yoseob SOLD

  • SHINee's Lucifer - Minho

Bracelets: 10€ each

  • SHINee

  • Big Bang

  • B2ST  B2uTY ~ I  B2ST


  • Yong Junhyung (Beast)

PRICE REDUCED- DBSK Bonjour Paris Photobook

Selling the original DBSK Bonjour Paris limited korean edition. It has 3 photobooks (Bonjour Paris 1 & 2, Parisien), photo diary, and DVD.

The photobook is in mint condition (the original shrink wrap still attached).
Selling it for USD225. Price is negotiable but please be reasonable.
Payment by Paypal only.

If you are interested email me at bernadette.pikky@gmail.com

[SELL/BUY] Super Junior Mama Cita Pre-order

Hi! I'm doing a pre-order for Super Junior's Mama Cita. I would be in Korea during those time so I would be shipping from Korea. Each album costs $21+shipping+paypal fees. Deadline of orders and payment would be on August 29, 2014. Thanks. Message me if interested. Thanks.
SHINee - THE FIRST (ALBUM+DVD)(First Press Limited Edition)(Japanese Version) - 20€ (paypal fee included, shipping cost NOT included)

Price is negotiable ^-^
Payment only by paypal, shipping worldwide.

The conditions of the album are great, the only thing I used a little is the calendar (I only left it open on my bedside table for a week or so).
I went through the photobook just once (maybe not even that) and played the cd and dvd only once too.

Shipping from Italy. Since I'm not a shop and this is the only "THE FIRST" album I have, once the album is shipped I'm not responsible if the package gets lost or damaged. There will be no refunds, returns or exchanges.

If you are interested message me or leave a comment stating your country so that I can tell you how much the shipping is (^-^) I'm ok with a meet up too, if you live close enough ;D
If you have any questions, feel free to contact me (^-^)

for pictures go on my livejournal post
* Free Shipping on everything within U.S. Only.
* All sales are final - No returns or refunds
* All items are used, unless otherwise noted.
* Let me know if you have any questions at all.
* Contact Me:  Please reply or PM me. I am also on Tumblr

2003 Korea Times Music Festival at Hollywood Bowl DVD - $12 USD
BIG BANG - Love & Hope Tour 2011 BLU RAY - $28 USD
CHO PD - Cho PD 2000 Live - $10 USD
DJ DOC - 4th Album - $8 USD
EPIK HIGH - Remapping The Human Soul- $12 USD
ERU - Eru Returns - $10 USD
EUN JI WON - Best- $10 USD
FLY TO THE SKY - Sea of Love - $8 USD
GROUP S (Shin Hyesung, Kangta, Lee Ji Hoon) - Fr. in. Cl - $20 USD
H.O.T - ‘99 Live in Seoul - $10 USD
H.O.T - Resurrection  - $8 USD
H.O.T. - Wolf and Sheep - $8 USD

H.O.T - Greatest Hits Song Collection Live *** SOLD ***
HYUN BIN - Birthday & Fanclub Open Event - Special Edition DVD - $25 USD
JANG YOON JEONG - Vol. 2 Really - $8 USD
JANG YOON JEONG - Vol. 3 Later Later - $8 USD

JEWELRY - Vol. 3 - Beloved - $10 USD
KIM GUN MO - Vol. 7 - Another Days - $8 USD
KIM JONG KOOK - Vol. 2 - Evolution - $8 USD
KOYOTE - Vol. 6 Koyote 6 - $8 USD
KOYOTE - Vol. 7 Rainbow - $8 USD
KOYOTE - Vol. 9 London Koyote - $8 USD

MOOGADANG - Moogadang - $10 USD
S.E.S. - Choose My Life - U  - $10 USD
SECHS KIES - Com’ Back - $8 USD
SEO TAIJI AND BOYS - Goodbye Best - $8 USD
SG WANNABE - Vol. 2 Saldaga - $10 USD
SHINHWA - 10th Anniversary Concert DVD - $30 USD
SHINHWA - 2003 Live Concert VCD - $20 USD *** SOLD ***
SHINHWA - 2003-2007 Music Video Collection *** SOLD ***
SHINHWA - All About Shinhwa *** SOLD ***
SHINHWA - Inspiration #1 *** SOLD ***
SHINHWA - Lee Minwoo -  IInd Winds - $18 USD
SHINHWA - Lee Minwoo -  If you… - $18 USD
SHINHWA - Lee Minwoo -  Minnovation  - $35 USD
SHINHWA - Lee Minwoo - Un-Touch-Able (MyStyle Edition) - $18 USD

SHINHWA - Shin Hyesung - Collection 2010 - My Everything *** SOLD ***
SHINHWA - Shin Hyesung - Keep Leaves  - $25 USD
SHINHWA - Shin Hyesung - Sapporo Story *** SOLD ***
SMTOWN - I AM: SMTown Live in Madison Square Garden *** SOLD ***
TURBO - Vol. 1 - 280 Km/h Speed - $8 USD
TURBO - Vol. 3 - Born Again - $8 USD

VARIOUS ARTISTS - Dream Concert 95-02 Special Edition *** SOLD ***
YGFAMILY - YG 10TH Anniversary Special Album
- $18 USD

K-POP LIVE Magazine: 2PM, Infinite, Shinee, Shinhwa, Lee Hyori, more (English) - $12 USD
KIM JUNG MAN - After Rain - Beautiful Face of Korean Stars Photobook - $30 USD
SHINHWA - Kim Dongwan - K+ Magazine - $12 USD
SHINHWA - Korea Max Magazine - $12 USD
VARIOUS: Super Junior, Shinhwa, Rain, Se7en, F4, Wang Lee Hom
, K-Drama and Film Actors - $5 USD EACH


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